Sunday, January 4, 2015

Two travel flavored pubs in Bucharest

One of my first blog posts was about teahouses, those warm and cozy places where you can relax after a busy day, where the tea is always hot and fragrant and the cakes are beyond delicious and where even the books seem to have a little bit of magic. I wrote that article in a winter, it was the middle of February with snow and frizzing outside. While writing this new post it’s autumn (the original version, in Romania was written in autumn) and (for most us) the holiday is over, some of us are still dreaming of sea waves, winding streets, relax and ice cream, (me too, I must admit) and that’s the reason why I thought to suggest two places in Bucharest where you can go back to the holiday atmosphere, or (why not) in which to make plans for next season.

Journey Pub – is located close to Piata Romana (Romana Square) and it’s a cozy travel themed location which opened its gate in 2012. Its great advantage is that it is an all-seasons locations with indoor area, terrace, and a fold-ceilinged space for "undecided" weather). Also, one thing that you will notice once you step inside are the decorations: wherever you look you will find objects, drawings, colors get you thinking about travel, adventure and vacation in general.

For example, in the "Up-above" area, the scenery is provided by a lot of colorful hot air balloons, hanging from the ceiling and a huge painted compass. The walls are full of maps, clocks and a panel of travel trinkets (postcards, subway and bus tickets).

The terrace, on the other hand is a green oasis in the middle of the city. There are benches and tables and chairs, hammocks and swings, flowers and bird nests (only for decoration), little shelves with cars and lighthouses. What's more, the perfect place to drink lemonade with mint and ice surrounded by this green garden.

The basement hosts the game room where you can relax in rainy or cold days.

But wherever you decide to sit in this location, the menus will always be brought in in a suitcase, which practically invites you to travel and the plates are places on huge printed postcards with information about various tourist destinations. You can learn a lot of new things and you may come up with some new ideas for the next holiday destination while waiting for your meal.

The food is inspired by traditional-touristic cuisine, from Spanish tapas to Mexican quesadilla, Italian pasta, American burgers and Chinese spring rolls.

Prices are average to high and the service a bit slow but "take your time and enjoy the ride" because you can rarely enjoy such a colorful oasis in this noisy town.

Journey Pub is located in: St. George Enescu nr 25, sector 1 (between Romana Sqare and the Romanian Athenaeum).

If at Journey Pub the menu comes in a suitcase at Royal Express the order is launched and is brought by train ... yes! You read that right, by train. The whole place is located in the middle of a large toy circuit, with bridges, tunnels, trees, houses and trains bringing your order. The walls are painted with landscapes of mountain, sea, so the atmosphere to be as realistic as possible.Another location inspired by travling or rather an invitation to travel by train is Royal Express - the place that I discovered recently and the experience that I want to share with you.

All service is made by the little colorful trains. And no, this whole place is not just a product of my imagination? The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Bragadiru Palace.

The system works very simple: every time you want to lunch an order, youu have to use one of the three buttons available: to call, send order and sent the traing back after you took you plates. The food is fresh, prepared on the spot (which makes it last a little longer), but is delicious and worth the waiting, and the prices are affordable. You can check the menu on their website.

I hope I gave you some ideas for your next night out! You are expected (as always) with impressions from this 2 locations or other places :)

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