Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bucharest (4) - Romanian Railway Museum

If you arrive in Bucharest by train or if you leave from the North Station somewhere else in Romania or in Europe, take a few minutes to discover the Romanian Railway Museum. Although it is not large, it takes you on a journey through railway history, from beginning of the European railway line in 1830 (between Liverpool and Manchester), to Romanian inception in 1854 (Oravita-Bazias line, only for coal transport ) and until today.

Looking back is amazing how trains have developed, from the steam engines to high speed trains (with maximum operational speed of 430km/h). This tiny museum reveals a fascinating world and I invite you all to discover it:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

La multi ani Calatorscop!

Anul trecut, intr-o sambata s-a nascut Calatorscop. Azi constat ca au trecut deja primele 365 de zile in aceasta calatorie fantastica. Am descoperit incet, incet cu sa folosesc platforma (desi e relativ sa nu spun stupid proof), v-am povesti despre plimbarile si locurile pe care le-am vizitat, am participat la 2 concursuri (organizate de SEO Monitor), am incercat sa pastrez un echilibru intre a fi obiectiv si a fi subiectiv...Daca am reusit sau nu, astept sa imi spuneti voi!

Ce imi doresc pentru urmatorul an de blogging? Sa cresc, sa bifez cat mai multe puncte din Bucket List, si sa adaug pe lista altele noi, sa adun cat mai multi Parteneri de Calatorie - gata sa impartaseasca cu noi experientele lor de calatorie.

Si chiar daca  inceputul de an nu a adus prea multe articole noi, ramaneti cu ochii pe Calatorscop, pentru ca urmeaza Sinaia (intr-o alta versiune, asa cu probabil ca nu ati vazut-o pana acum), Istanbul si un tur prin sud-vestul tarii. Nu uitam nici de Raftul de Calatorie si nici de scurtele plimbari prin Bucuresti.

Cu alte cuvinte: locuri noi, trasee noi, idei si planuri de calatorie care sa va inspire.

La multi ani Calatorscop!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Top 20 must-see in Bucharest

Have you ever imagined yourself as a tourist in your own town? What would you like to see or do? Where will you start your first walk around? This is one of the games I really would like to play from time to time – Tourist in my own city. There’s only one tiny little problem: it comes pretty hard to get lost and to be free winding the streets when knowing what’s around the next corner.

Engaged in our daily routine we tend to forget that, beyond the everyday gray, beyond street dogs, bags and newspapers taken by the wind, dust, sad old hand stretched and windshield washer ... every city has its charm and is the responsibility of each and every one of us to bring to light the beautiful and worth visiting places and share them to the others.
Don’t take me as a huge fan of Bucharest, because I’m not. I always thought that although it has many interesting corners, buildings, parks and so on, the fact that they are scattered all over the city and so poorly promoted makes their magic blow away. But, despite all this I managed to gather a top of 20 places that ought to be include in your itinerary in Bucharest. In a random order of preferences, here we go:

Friday, February 6, 2015

Raftul de calatorie (10): 13 plicuri albastre (autor: Maureen Johnson)

"13 plicuri, 4 reguli, 1000 de dolari, un rucsac si...toata Europa la picioarele ei" asa suna descrierea cartii si tot ea mi-a starnit curiozitatea sa o citesc. Inca nu stiu daca a fost vorba despre ideea de periplu prin Europa sau curiozitatea de a afla ce contin misterioasele plicuri.

Pentru pasionatii de calatorie, cartea lui Maureen Johnson poate veni cu idei despre o noua abordare a vacantei si ma refer aici, in special la cele 4 reguli ale matusii Peg:
  • Iei cu tine doar ce incape intr-un rucsac, fara bagaje aditionale :) 
  • Fara ghiduri turistice, dictionare luate de acasa 
  • Fara fonduri suplimentare...(in cazul lui Ginny, ea s-a bazat doar pe cei 1000 de dolari de la matusa Peg)
  • Odata plecat in calatorie rupi orice acces la tehnologia moderna de comunicare (fara laptop, tableta, aparat foto, muzica in casti) si mai ales fara a pastra legatura cu cei de acasa (deci fara mail, sms, mms si retele de socializare, etc)